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CPR for summer camp MBs

Posted on May 13 2015 - 3:53pm

All but two scouts attending Camp Bunn this summer are taking merit badges that require CPR.  This includes all aquatics plus a couple other badges.  Jeff Boettcher will provide the opportunity to get this taken care of at the church this next week on May 14th and May 26th at 7:00 both nights.  Let Jeff know what night works best.  Sign up early before all spots on a given night are taken.  

Summer camp MB requirement work

Posted on May 6 2015 - 9:22pm

The afternoon of May 30 we will gather at Branched Oak lake (south shore site #107) to work on requirements needed for summer camp merit badges and for general advancement work.  Expected time will be from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. We will need to know ahead of time if the scout plans to attend.  More info will be shared at the May meeting and court of honor. 

Picnic June 1

Posted on May 6 2015 - 9:19pm

The annual family picnic is June 1 at Pioneers Park.  Patrols have been assigned food to bring.  The troop will provide thd hot dogs and buns.  We will play softball after all are done eating.  Ask your son for more information.

New troop leadership

Posted on May 5 2015 - 8:55am

Our new leadership term began May 1.  The team consists of Holden Sutter, SPL; Logan Woollen and Joseph Blecha, ASPLs; Gus Rockey, Scribe; Xander Sutter, QM; Andrew Peterson, OA Rep; Andrew Garrison, Falcom PL; Zach Wendling, Shark PL; and the rotating scouts in the Gator Patrol.  

Summer Camp 2016

Posted on May 5 2015 - 8:52am

Scouts recently voted on the camp selection for 2016.  They chose Camp Hohn at the Lake of the Ozarks Reservation.  The camp sits on the banks of this large lake that offers activites such as tubing, sailing, motorboating, and water sports (water skiing and wakeboarding.)  There are also other activities during the week including 3-D archery, water polo tourney, volleyball tourney, and chess competitions (scout and adult).  That council has a trailer converted into an invention lab that they expect to have onsite; this includes technology like a 3-D printer.  There are of course the merit badge courses as well. We anticipate trying to get our reservation for late June. 

Summer Camp 2015

Posted on May 5 2015 - 8:48am

25 scouts and 7 adults have committed to take the trip to Camp Bunn near Hettick, IL.  Some big dates:

*May 18 -- The camp meeting for parents and scouts will be after the court of honor.  

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